Height of Power

April, 1941. The German war machine appears unstoppable. All of Europe lies under its sway, and the United Kingdom braces for possible invasion. In the east, Germany and the USSR eye each other warily across a border straddling regions of what was once Poland. For the moment there is peace, but it is unlikely to remain so. Other battles rage in Africa, Greece, and across the Middle East. In the far east Japan struggles to subjugate China while considering the best way to dominate the South Pacific. The US has refused to enter the war...so far. What's next? Can anyone stop a technologically advanced Germany at the height of its power?
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4 years ago

This was an excellent idea for a scenario. For anyone who's gone on a WW2 Alternate History bender, you'll know that the turning point for the Third Reich was when they decided to assault the vastly-underestimated USSR. But what if that never happened? What if they took out Europe first? What if Britain had come to be occupied?

Great idea, ML. I'd almost given up on the game cause it'd been awhile for updates, but it looks like it's back to the ol' "One more turn and then I'll go to sleep" game.

4 years ago

Haha I love that!

Chris   Site Admin MH:TGW, MHII
4 years ago

Thanks, I've been working on this baby for months. It may not be entirely historically accurate; I tried to handicap the various countries a bit to make it a great fight whether you play Germany, the UK , Italy, USSR, or Japan. Anyone who wants to adjust the forces to be a true reflection of the order of battle can do so easily using the editor. I just wanted it to be really fun!

4 years ago

It is Funn and btw Soviet Union declared War on Finland Schweden and Germany in the first 9 turns. With full Vision i looked on Soviet troops and it seems they have mostly Miliz. Hrhrhrhr it should be really funn to survive with them. :) But i play first Nippon. ;)

4 years ago

Yea I noticed that. I go declared on by the Soviets but funny thing was I already had peace with UK so most of my troops were on the soviet border. The resulting conflict was pretty interesting!!

4 years ago

I dropped it in the mods folder and everything is fine. It has the default picture.

Also, the date is "undefined".

Knopfdruckoffz MHII
4 years ago

great! thought about making this myself before. maybe ill just add my content now :)

deheugden MH:TGW, MHII
4 years ago

where should i put the map? In the mod folder ok, but where is the modfolder?

deheugden MH:TGW, MHII
4 years ago

modd not working, completely empty

kadmendo99 MHII
4 years ago

some constructive criticism. 1.you didn't included the winter war, xexholm and south karelia should belong to USSR.

  1. if it called 'height of power', shouldn't germany be the most powerful nation rather than USA?
  2. for franco's sake, make spain fascist! fascism didn't died in 1945, it died in 1975(franco died that year).
  3. much much more planes in northern france and south england please.
  4. Vichy should be fascist, but spain bothers me more.
  5. france should be renamed to 'free france'.
  6. more teritories for com.china, and it should have military access with china.
  7. are you sure indo-china was split betwean vichy and japan at that time?
4 years ago

The Name only means that Germany was on its greatest hight of Power and not the Strongest Power there is.

mbmb12 MHII
4 years ago

great i m going to download this right now but from what if heard it is great

2 years ago

You need to fix it so the Infantry does not cost oil....that's just dumb.

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