1.29 Pre-release update -- Send in the Marines!

Posted on Jan 02, 2014 at 03:00 PM by Chris

More content added to The Grand Finale. Marines added to various places in the South Pacific, lots of airfields added to facilitate island hopping. Lots of bunkers and AA added to Japanese-held islands. Many fleets in South Pacific theater now have troopships to move troops forward. In Europe, Airborne troops and air transports added. Also various fixes, including art for Japanese and Italian tanks.

Try out the new scenario some more! Playing the US should be fun moving across the Pacific towards Japan and playing Japan your troops should have a chance to make a good fight of it.

Update 1/2/14: New pre-release with more resources, more airbases, and a few engine fixes - try it out!

Knights_Cross MHII
9 months ago

First glance, this appears to be a great update! Thanks Muzzy!

mbmb12 MHII
9 months ago

Just great this. Nice work on the update

ariete MHII, MH GOLD
9 months ago

Oh oh, no sleeping tonight :-(

defrodemon MHII
9 months ago

Thoroughly enjoying The Grand Finale, except (playing as Germany, difficulty 8) I've restarted it a few times, because not only is there a slight lag of Russian mobilization (most recently they retreated so much that I began an almost unhindered advance towards Moscow/Kiev), D-Day has never happened once yet. The Allies bomb me to hell, and build up forces in Italy, but even though they could easily land along the French/Belgian/Dutch coastlines, nothing happens. I was wondering if anyone else is encountering this?

Whitman MHII
9 months ago

Same here. Crushing Russia very easily. I gave up after I took Moscow and was producing jet fighters by the dozen.

I think I will try this as Japan and see how that works out.

ariete MHII, MH GOLD
9 months ago

There is something wrong either in the timing (one turn late?) or in the numbers of the stockpile management.

The production and consumed look strange. Could you double check it?

Tomwa MHII
9 months ago

You can destroy a research building while researching something requiring it and continue researching that item, (E.G. Research transonic-flight and destroy the jet propulsion lab but continue building it). I just did this in about 17 cities allowing me to research transonic flight while getting all my MPU's back to build an army and hold off the russians. No Out-of-memory errors yet but I'm keeping a log of memory every so often.

ariete MHII, MH GOLD
8 months ago

OK, I tried with Italy at level 5 and I can still crush the AI.

Will move to level 8 for the next round.

defrodemon MHII
8 months ago

Had another run through as Germany, and after saving and reloading as the Allies I launched D-Day a few turns later myself. The Allies are now pushing East. Eventually I re-loaded as the USSR, and forced an attack. Even though they are much stronger than me, they rarely attack. Allies pushed out of Italy.

The problem seems to be a lack or even absence of aggression by the Allies. They seem unaffected by the momentum of the advance on the Eastern Front, and I have turned down 3 peace requests by the USSR in 10 turns, without aggression on my part.

ogrepete MHII
8 months ago

I've begun a run-through as Japan. While I'm very much enjoying the scenario, one concern I have is that I've essentially dedicated all of my production to making arms. Pushing out against China and Russia and simultaneously trying to defend against the British/US/Australian pushes in the Southeast Pacific means I don't get to produce any new weapons...

I just have to produce arms or my troops run out. :( I've managed to capture all of China now (on lvl 8), but have run into a wall of steel in fighting the Russians and British.

It would be nice if there was a little extra industrial capacity for Japan so I could produce some extra combat units.

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