Posted on Mar 18, 2014 at 08:10 AM by ralph

12 months ago

Looks amazing!

12 months ago

Tbh looks like the same game. But take my money anyways!

Alexio MHII
12 months ago


Alexio MHII
12 months ago

the terrain is to flat but over all i will buy it

Gen.Pershing MH:TGW, MHII, MH GOLD
12 months ago

With all due respect guys, this isn't the finalized version of the map, nor the game. There is plenty of time left for improvements and such.

Personally, I like the map. Sure it would use more texture, but it's all going to be flattened anyways after I'm done with it! ;-)

bberry222 MH:TGW
12 months ago

French submarine at 1912? It looks like mh2. But it doesnt matter, if it won't be slow down at the turn 50-60...

12 months ago

bberry222 said

French submarine at 1912? It looks like mh2. But it doesnt matter, if it won't be slow down at the turn 50-60...

I think that's more on your end mate. It runs fine with me and I have integrated graphics.

Overall I am loving the look of new some part of me is completed! <3

PS: Any ETA on private testing from the community? I would love to be a part of that. At the moment I just lurk on the forums awaiting discussion of actual game mechanics and so forth.

12 months ago

Everything looks great. The map, the units, the menus. I look forward to the release !

12 months ago

More over I look forward to buying it and playing it.

Continue the editing guys and make a great product that makes a profit and keeps you in business.

12 months ago

I'm excited mostly due to the immense modding possibilities... scripted events + new regions + new colonial mechanics = O__O

These alone will make me buy this game

Chris   Site Admin MH:TGW, MHII
12 months ago

AphexX said

Tbh looks like the same game. But take my money anyways!

There's a reason for that. Once we developed the new map, we backported it to MHII. So in that regard, we made the OLD game resemble the NEW one! Anyone getting MHII recently may not realize how different the map looked when first released. Also, even though the interface is new, we wanted to keep a sense of familiarity to players who are used to the earlier games. It's an iteration keeping what we believe is the best of previous games rather than a complete reinvention.

mr.minister MH:TGW, MHII
11 months ago

Woah, I see the new province in Belgium, I hope the same is happening all over the map, so I can have more possibilities when creating puppet states :)

dave   Site Admin MH:TGW, MHII, MH GOLD
11 months ago

There have been adjustments and additions across the world - you can check it out Friday!

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