TGW Game Manual Updated

Posted on Aug 15, 2014 at 04:00 PM by Chris

The updated manual can be found on the TGW Steam Store page along the lower right side. Click "View the Manual"

Steam page is HERE

34 days ago

Will there still be a game update today?

dave   Site Admin MHII, MH GOLD
34 days ago

No - we are working on MP, the Lobby, and some AI balancing. The next update is planned for Friday the 22nd.

34 days ago

OK thanks for the new manual. It should help a lot.

dave   Site Admin MHII, MH GOLD
34 days ago

We're also working on combat balance so if anyone has cases that seem wrong speak up!

Delgado33 MHII, MH GOLD
34 days ago

Artillery just absolutely demolishes the enemy. More specifically heavy artillery. Two of those and all I have to do is bombard a region and basically destroy the entire army.

dave   Site Admin MHII, MH GOLD
34 days ago

Delgado33 said

Artillery just absolutely demolishes the enemy. More specifically heavy artillery. Two of those and all I have to do is bombard a region and basically destroy the entire army.

OK, you're right. Working on it!

34 days ago

Hi, all.

I'd like to register a different opinion about the value and strength of artillery,

Frankly, for the amount of time and treasure needed to be invested in the research required to upgrade artillery, I certainly don't think upgraded artillery pieces are "too powerful." In fact, I was surprised and disappointed when attack/defense values were (almost completely) eliminated, making artillery "tool tips" of no value.

Let me be more specific. With the current version of the game, only field guns now offer any defensive value, and, as with all artillery, thay offer no attack value at all. ...Really? I've not taken the time to research the subject, but I would think that, for example, a howitzer aimed at enemy troops would have some "attack" and "defensive" value.

As for the observation that two "heavy artillery" pieces can "demolish" an "entire army," well...perhaps in some circumstances that might be true...once in awhile (as combat results seem to incorporate an element of luck or randomness, in some measure), such as if the "army" under fire was not very large; but that's not been my usual experience, after hundreds of turns of game play.

So...given the cost in research time and material resources to acquire and, especially, to upgrade to more advanced artillery units, I would like to cast my vote against emasculating artillery pieces any further (...also, see the sad case of tanks, below).

Question: Do field guns, in fact, offer any defensive they are stated to? If they do, why don't tool tips and "battle progress" panels reflect that fact? It's a bit confusing.

A further comment on artillery tool tips: Presently, artillery tool tips always and only show a value of "0," making them of no value. I'd like to see them give us some information...even if just the number of artillery pieces in a "group," which would be helpful.

Further: It would be greatly helpful for some insight into how relatively powerful "bombardment" is...whether from artillery, ships, or coastal defenses. There is a lot of this kind of information that is presently missing from the game...vital information that would be greatly helpful to a player trying to figure out how best to invest his/her country's resources...and how best to deploy military assets.

...A couple examples: How does the bombardment value of a Level 2 tank stack up against the defensive value of a Level 3 Fortress? How does a Dreadnaught's bombardment value stack up against Level 1 coastal defences?

Hopefully, when the game is released, it will provide the presently missing explanatory information...and provide concrete "bombardment/defensive" numbers showing the relative strength of fortresses, trenches, coastal defense vs. ships, artillery, and other combat units.

Lastly, the sad case of tanks: "Yikes" is all I can lament, without being censored. IMHO, the research investment needed to obtain any level of tank is, presently, clearly not worth tank units might as well be eliminated from the game...and allow our graphics cards to cool a bit.

Do the math. One can gain much more attack, defensive, and/or bombardment "bang for the buck" by investing costly and time-consuming research into gaining other kinds of advanced ground units. At present, IMHO, tanks are a waste of research points. ...And, being a tank enthusiast, I hope the dev team will beef up the power of tank units in the game to make them a worthwhile reseach investment. reality, were these WWI rolling boxes of metal really that puny compared to the combat strength of un-Kevlar-ed soldiers?

Thanks for a Great game...just trying to help make it better.

Delgado33 MHII, MH GOLD
27 days ago

Hey Dave, no update today?

27 days ago

dave said

No - we are working on MP, the Lobby, and some AI balancing. The next update is planned for Friday the 22nd.

Dave, where is my update? :D

deheugden MHII
24 days ago

waterloong said

dave said

No - we are working on MP, the Lobby, and some AI balancing. The next update is planned for Friday the 22nd.

Dave, where is my update? :D

he didn't say which year :-)

Gen.Pershing MHII, MH GOLD
22 days ago

Maybe Dave got his Friday's confused?

Regardless, if this update is taking up to 5 days longer than it should have, maybe that means we are getting a HUGE update? Well, I hope we are getting a huge update, anyways...

cliveman2000 MHII
22 days ago

Its already released!

deheugden MHII
21 days ago

correct, new update is live

dave   Site Admin MHII, MH GOLD
20 days ago

Sorry for the delay in the update - release notes coming today.

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