Making History: The Great War update posted!

Posted on Aug 29, 2014 at 02:00 PM by dave

A bit longer this time but worth the wait! Multiplayer, new lobby, better AI, and the usual host of improvements, fixes, and polish. All that and save game compatible too!

Full release notes here

Gen.Pershing MHII, MH GOLD
55 days ago

Added coal mines in Kentucky.

I feel so glad knowing that my comments and suggestions have now fully been implemented into the game! Lol

Side note, is AI Alliance behavior still under work? Even though I'm at war with Germany alongside France and the British Alliance, they refuse to ally with me. They also refuse to let me give them back Ile-de-France and Normandy for free. Now I'm stuck with an annexed northern France that is throwing my stability into whack.

deheugden MHII
54 days ago

I noticed the AI is not that tough anymore.

cliveman2000 MHII
54 days ago

And Radicalism is extremely messed up

deheugden MHII
54 days ago

All over europe countries are splitting up. France as we know it isn't anymore, its a tripple country now

ralph   Site Admin
52 days ago

Gen.Pershing said

Added coal mines in Kentucky.

I feel so glad knowing that my comments and suggestions have now fully been implemented into the game! Lol

Side note, is AI Alliance behavior still under work? Even though I'm at war with Germany alongside France and the British Alliance, they refuse to ally with me. They also refuse to let me give them back Ile-de-France and Normandy for free. Now I'm stuck with an annexed northern France that is throwing my stability into whack.

You guessed right. There are AI areas that are still basic and awaiting full implementation. This must be done in stages since it all very interdependent. The recent changes to the Government Programs that allows players and the AI to balance their spending to lower Radicalism, means the AI run must their economy more efficiently. It's why we are experiencing a greater degree of revolts and nation breakups. This will settle down once the AI is up to speed. Trade is also key to this process. This should be much improved for the next release in terms of acceptance of deals and making sure the AI only trades what it needs.

50 days ago

i got 2 friends together and we tried to start a multiplayer match. Here's a few issues we've noticed:

When someone joins in and selects a nation, the host views every nation they've selected as unselectable. This means if the client comes in and selects Austria, Italy, and then settles on the Ottomans, the host will be unable to select any of those nations, even though the client is only selecting the ottomans.

The clients can hit "next" in the lobby, although nothing happens?

While trying to get a game going, we couldn't advance past the lobby. One selected Italy, I selected the Ottomans, and the host was Japan. When he clicked next, nothing happened, so we all 3 hit next, nothing happened. We rehosted, selected the same nations, and the host was able to advance into the game, but us two were stuck in the lobby.

Edit: We couldn't get a game started, so we just gave up :(

49 days ago

Do you guys still plan to release in 5 days? I just don't want this launch to go like the MHII launch did, but it looks like there is still some substantial work to be done.

49 days ago

This is my first experience as a beta-tester, and I, too, am very concerned as to the present "condition" of the game. I have, literally, pages of handwritten notes I've been jotting down as I play my 6th game (now using the latest game version, made available just a few days ago) - notes I hope to "consolidate" and post over the weekend for fellow beta-testers and the dev team's consideration. ...And my concerns are not about "missing text" or spelling errors...or how the AI could be "smarter"...but are about fundamental game play issues and what I'll call "critical information gaps."

TGW is a Great game. I'm having fun playing it even in it's present state. ...But I think TGW could be significantly more fun to play...could be a lot more realistic, more "reasonable," in some ways easier to play, and definitely more "understandable" when playing it...with just a relatively few, but (IMHO) important "tweaks" and "additions."

I, certainly, don't know what "pressures" - financial or otherwise - are involved with Muzzy Lane deciding whether to release the game as scheduled or to wait and allow further development. (For whatever reason, some game companies choose to release "prematurely"...then "patch like crazy.")

However, if releasing a game means that is when most reviews of the game are written (which, I would think, would affect game sales)...and that little further development will be done on the game after it's release; then, IMHO, I think TGW's release date should be pushed give the dev team more time for concentrating on fundamental game improvements. ...Leaving (IMHO) "spelling corrections," etc., for a post-release patch, if necessary.

Dougal MHII
49 days ago

Please do not repeat the Making History II experience.

That would be so disappointing and lower the quality of the brand of Making History.

Veterans day / Armistice Day - November 11. Please : - )

48 days ago

Although I own and have spent countless hours playing MHII, I don't recall the nature of the "experience" to which "Dougal" refers, above. If the "experience" was MHII being released "prematurely," then I agree with "Dougal."

However, if the "experience" was MHII's release date being delayed several times, ostensibly so that the dev team could significantly improve the game before its release, then I stand by my previous post and caution that it's usually not wise to go "on stage" before the public and critics ( reviewers...) until one's "act" is sufficiently rehearsed and polished. It's usually difficult to change a "bad" first impression...which, IMHO, would be potentially more damaging to "the brand of Making History" than a release delay - if the delay results in significant improvements being made to the game.

...And, IMHO, I think there are some significant and fundamental changes/improvements that should be made to the game prior to its official release - some I've already posted and others I hope to post yet this weekend.

Dougal MHII
48 days ago

Yes the experience of releasing Making History II too early and not totally developed into the ideas of what it was suppose to be, detracted from the game and let down the franchise.

Dougal MHII
48 days ago

Really looking forward to Making History The Great War !

Loved Making History Gold.

Want to love TGW even more !

It will be the only computer game on my computer, lets make it a keeper !

47 days ago

Yeah, the MHII we see now is nothing like it was on release date. Muzzy really fixed up the game, but it took quite some time for it to get to a decent state. TGW seems to me like MHGold on the MHII engine with some of MHII's better features, as well as better features of MHGold, such as the simplified economics system (my favorite part, among other things)... I still don't understand how the hell that works in MHII.

ralph   Site Admin
47 days ago

We are committed to releasing the game in good shape. Thanks for the support.

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