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Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about MAKING HISTORY: The Calm & the Storm.

This is a locked forum. If you have any questions not covered here, please ask them in the Gameplay or the Suggestions forums.

What is the current version of the game? The current version is 2.0.4

Where can I get the most current update of the game? Right here:

Where can I find additional content and scenarios? You can find mods and other cool user created content at our Gaming Headquarters site:

What do the Combat Report Numbers mean?

Why are some of the military statistics for units missing from the manual? In our never-ending quest to improve gameplay, Military Unit properties may change slightly for new updates. This would make specific values in the Manual incorrect. Many of the values can be found in the Encyclopedia in the Book, or by mousing over something and viewing the tooltip.

Why aren't the military units named after specific land, sea, and aircraft models from the era? There are literally hundreds of different variations of ships, armor, artillery and aircraft used during this era. Our game has streamlined these many models into essential categories that would typically interest a leader planning a campaign: relative speed, amount and type of damage, etc. You can rename units to whatever you'd like with the 2.0.4 patch.

How can it be possible to build an infantry division faster in one city vs. another, or a carrier in eight weeks? City production in our game is an abstraction. So, carriers don't get "built" faster in larger cities, the faster time represents overall production capacity. More overall capacity means more things can be produced in the same time period. The same for infantry, planes, etc. So build times should not be taken literally. A new infantry division in two weeks does not mean that within those two weeks those troops were drafted, reported to and completed basic training, got their assignments, went on liberty for a few days to say goodbye to their families, got armed and equipped and were ready for deployment. It just means that a certain number of troops become active for deployment in a given turn, and that number increases as countries increase their overall IPU's.

Are there trade routes in the game? Not specifically, but just as in the real world, there are paths that both players and the AI-controlled countries will typically have ships use as the fastest way to get from their originating port to their destination. For example, the east coast of the US to England.

Can I blockade and attack shipping in trade routes? Supply vessels do not exist as units to be attacked. You can use fleets and submarines to prevent supplies from reaching their destination countries by blocking surrounding regions with land and sea units.

Can I play beyond the turn limit? Yes. After the designated number of turns for the scenario completes, you will receive either a Victory or a Defeat screen. At this point you will be given the option to keep playing.

For aircraft, what's the difference between Air Mission and Patrol? Air Mission is either using your planes for reconnaissance to unfog parts of the map, or to set waypoints on your way to attack a ground target. Patrol is used to actively intercept enemy planes flying through a single region.

What happens when I go into debt? In addition to losing financial points from your score, players who run up a deficit will find their city production slowed significantly. Requires 2.0.1 update

Why does my Saved Game load as China? MAKING HISTORY allows you to reload a saved game as ANY country, not just the one you were playing previously. If you reload a game and do not choose a country, China, being the first nation in the order, is selected automatically.

Can I create my own mods of the game? Yes! From version 2.0.1 onward, the game includes the Making History Editor.

Where can I find player-created mods I can download and play? There are a number of mods already available at our Gaming Headquarters, . GHQ lets you upload and download scenarios and other game assets. Players who create mods often give details of their games in the Mod Support section of the forum.

How can I play as Canada, Poland or some other country not currently selectable? The 2.0.3 update will allow you to play as any country. What? You don't have the latest Update? Get it here:

What resources are available for modding the game? The most recent update of the game includes the MAKING HISTORY Editor, which lets you easily create and modify many parts of the game. You can also visit Making History Gaming Headquarters at , and try out mods created by other players.

Is the game "historically accurate"? As our name suggests, the game is not about replaying history, but about making history. So while each scenario starting point represents a particular moment in the time period, players are free to take actions of their own choosing. Some may follow history quite closely, others may differ from actual historical choices quite significantly. The artificial intelligence will likewise respond to player actions in a manner that can parallel history or be quite different.

If the game doesn't replay history, how can it teach real history? Our game is designed to teach the lessons of history by allowing players to experience the role of national leader. Students can gain a deeper understanding of the historical events they are studying once they have "walked in the shoes" of leaders who faced similar issues.

Is this a serious historical wargame? We prefer to think of it as a fun, historically-based grand strategy game that includes warfare, but also diplomacy and economic control. Sort of a cross between Civilization and Axis & Allies, with a dash of Risk thrown in. If you want to play a game that historically parallels actual WWII events, check out some of the modified scenarios at