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Updated 10/1/12
Game: v1.27.31176.160
Launcher: v.1.27.31372.206

NOTE: Players with custom install locations may have problems updating. This can be solved by reinstalling the game.


  • Added updates to installer for Mac OSX
  • Added updates to Sandstone
  • Several fixes to launcher
  • Included all Sandstone Platform updates
  • Branched launcher to allow for separate launcher and game updates
  • Fixed launcher issue that prevented loading saved games

New Content and features

  • Major update to the core game engine - mostly under the hood stuff
  • Altered oil requirements for units to improve game balance
  • Revised costs of building and maintaining IPU producing buildings to improve game balance
  • Add French Canadian to Quebec Nationality Template
  • Removed research prerequisite for University so nations can't get stuck unable to research
  • Added Wrought Iron (from metals) and Petroleum (from oil) to round out single resource wealth generators for all languages
  • Added Hours to Turn Timer
  • Added prerequisite to Chemical Plant
  • updated Completed & Initial Research projects so all nations have at least "Factory System", for each scenario
  • allow puppets to do access treaties
  • Changed Factory Output counts produced to be incremented by the number produced each turn instead of just 1
  • Added 'Exit to Main Menu' option
  • Added Tooltips to Production Research Building 2D icons
  • Added merge option to right-click menu for units on map
  • Increased height of unit panel to improve merge/split usability
  • Swapped Nigerian & Nigerien flags

Editor: New Content and Features

  • Added unit terrain modifiers to Terrain Templates
  • Updated the new nation flag naming convention to match the game convention
  • Added ideology chooser for nation templates -adjusted some colors in panels
  • Added ability to set alliance leader
  • Made colonies assigned to nations delete when a nation is deleted
  • Made ships leave port if changing City location
  • Made camera focus on city if selecting a navy in that city
  • Added Religion, Culture, Ethnicities, Historic Nations, and Colonies to Region Paint
  • Added ability to alter model sets to Nation Templates
  • Added ability to create Ethnicity Templates
  • Added ability to remove Resource Producers from regions
  • Added ability to set starting Treasury Amount
  • Added ability to set starting Unemployed MPUs in regions
  • Added ability to edit culture, religion, and ethnicities in NationTemplate
  • Added ability to edit TerrainTemplates
  • Added ability to set Unit Branch and Capabilities in UnitTemplates
  • Added ability to place ships in port, or remove ships in ports at preset

Editor: Bug Fixes and improvements

  • Changed Editor Flag & Decal default string name creation to conform with current game style
  • Fixed issue where a deleted nation's puppets would be puppets to no-one
  • Fixed bug that prevented cities from being removed from list when deleted
  • Fixed bug where units or groups could be deleted before previous changes were applied, which caused numerous problems
  • Fixed bug where colony mapview would display deleted colonies
  • Removed character restriction for Ethnicity display names
  • Removed ability to set regions to Polar or Ocean terrain
  • Removed ability to use region paint on Polar or Sea Regions
  • Fixed errors to support mods created prior to Wrought Iron and petroleum being added
  • Fixed issue where a country can be made a puppet of itself
  • Fixed issue with not being able to add members to an alliance
  • Fixed issue where ideologies were not appearing on newly created Nation Templates
  • Fixed bug that prevented nations from being deleted
  • Game automatically assigns Capital City if none is selected
  • Added a check that will auto assign a capital to a nation if none has been selected
  • Fixed issue with new nation Money not showing up
  • Fixed issue with paint being able to paint null values
  • Made it so a nations data can not be edited without having owned cities
  • Removed "African" from the list for Architecture Type - the UI doesn't support it
  • Fixed bug that prevented mods from working if alliance is created with no members
  • Fixed bug that prevented AI from playing Nations using newly created Nation Templates
  • Fixed issue with newly created Nation Templates that could cause crashes during gameplay

Bug Fixes

  • Removed old data and code no longer used
  • General big fixes, balancing and polish
  • Fixed designation error. Game now removes any enemy designations that puppets had for nations in their alliance. Resolves bug seen with Manchuria trying to take back its regions from USSR after Japan and USSR became allies. This was causing a repeated error every turn after for Manchuria when they tried to move their army into USSR controlled regions.
  • Added in missing text for Territorial Transfer
  • Stopped puppets from declaring war
  • Suppressed orders from a puppet if they would have to declare war to move
  • Fixed redundant checks for puppet status that affect declarations of war
  • Fixed bug that could spam puppet states when player creates one
  • Fixed diplomatic options when contacting ally's puppet to fully align
  • Fixed 'grant access' bug
  • Added changes to military AI so it would check units moving when military access revoked to avoid stranding units
  • Fixed error that allowed Light carriers to be built without proper research prerequisites completed
  • Fixed issue with selecting puppet nation from subordinate panel
  • Fixed bug that prevented allies from joining a battle in some cases
  • Fixed Bug that prevented allies from using Suez Canal
  • Fixed XP-specific update error
  • Fixed crashes in Lobby when backing out to main menu or switching to Editor
  • Fixed bug that caused occasional crash when updating
  • Fixed issue with animations
  • Optimized notification handling
  • Fixed bug that could cause a large number of duplicate damaged/destroyed notifications
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