Making History II 1.28 Release Notes
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said on Nov 12, 2012 at 03:09 PM

Release Date: 3/6/2013
Launcher Version: 1.28.37085.221
Game Version: 1.28.35116.170

New Features
- Updated to new game engine version (performance improvements)
- Reduced memory footprint
- Added the ability for modders to override textures
- Added the concept of idle Arms and Oil consumption to units
- Some units will consume Arms and/or Oil when idle
- Added support for editing idle Arms and Oil consumption to the Editor

Bug Fixes
- Fix incorrect MPU costs when building Air and Naval units
- Fix bug when combat occurs in a region controlled by a neutral 3rd party
- Fixed a bug where asking a puppet for military access would redirect to the controlling nation
- Fixed bug in AI financial forecasting
- Fixed incorrect value of Wrought Iron and Petroleum
- Fixed a crash that could occur on the Mac if the user does not have access to a font directory
- Fix a crash that could happen when updating from a previous version of the game
- Fix a bug that would break building prereqs if you deleted a building but still had some left
- Fixed a bug that caused units in combat to not get resupplied

- Fixed issue in Combat Reports combat odds display
- Improve text on Combat Reports
- Improved the accuracy of the combat odds display in Combat Reports
- Show who is left when a battle ends in the Combat Report

- Improved AI decision making on when to increase resource production
- Improved AI decision making when using money making city outputs
- Improved AI decision making on use of resources
- Fixed an issue where the need for Arms would not always trigger the need for Munitions Plants
- Improve handling of Arms and Oil demand from military
- Fix bug in Arms vs. Goods decisions

- Lowered MPU requirements for Armored units
- Adjusted the value of various city outputs
- Increased the cost of Arms
- Adjusted combat power of Infantry and Artillery vs. Land and Air targets
- Adjusted combat power of Air units vs. Land units
- Lower the IPU cost of Munitions Plants
- Shorten the build times for Resource Producers
- Adjust starting stockpile amounts for major nations
- Fixed some inconsistent upgrade costs on the Submarine track
- Fixed some inconsistent upgrade costs on the Destroyer track

Producer, Making History
said on Mar 06, 2013 at 11:49 AM

1.28 released! You will be prompted to update the next time you play.

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