Making History: The Great War Release Notes
said on Apr 08, 2014 at 11:18 AM

4/8/14 Update

Launcher Version: 1.0.51674.15
Game Version: 1.0.51672.38

New Features
- Added region stability with ideology inputs

Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug that allowed invaders to use enemy railroads
- Fix Bombardment ranges
- Fixed bug where declaring war on allies get you into a war with/against those allies
- Fixed issue running on Vista and XP

- Added tooltip to view region stability inputs
- Fixed Research Center's popup menu defaulting to be open
- Disband Decision Point Title changed
- Speed of individual ships update
- Fixed Sorting order of Recruitment Orders in the production Panel

- Balanced Diplomatic Relation Points
- Fixed Balkan War Dates
- Fixed Mainz Region reference
- Fixed spelling of Ruhr

Producer, Making History
said on Apr 10, 2014 at 04:01 PM

4/10/14 Update

Launcher Version: 1.0.51802.19
Game Version: 1.0.51801.42

New Features
- Set up proper sea movement using boat speed
- Set up sea supply / adjacent sea region supply
- Improved behavior of region food shortage penalties
- Nations now have government and region average ideologies
- Rebels will pick government types that best fit their ideology
- Added ability for revolts to end rather than progressing to the next stage

Bug Fixes
- Fix trade error that broke end turn processing
- Fixed unit group move turns remaining not calculating correctly
- Fixed being able to build Barracks in regions with Recruitment Centers
- Fixed some models persisting after zooming past drop off point
- Fixed error preventing recruitment of Motorized Infantry

- Added tooltip for boat fuel/coal supply
- Enabled "Leave Alliance" button
- Added alliance left notification
- Updated some tooltip strings
- Added New Tool Tips in the select Region, Select City, and Government View Panel
- Added Composition Bars in the Government panel
- Change Government Properties panel now closes when completed
- Fixed clipping of ethnicity strings
- Added Nested City Destruction menus
- Prospecting now disables only if there is no prospecting chance in the region
- Fixed some building menus defaulting to open
- Summary Notification images now customized depending on the notification type
- Added some missing messages that appear in the summary panel
- Added quick "Offer Peace" UI
- Art pass on leave alliance panel
- Added tooltips for Ideologies
- Added Diplomatic Influence tooltips
- Changed Battery tooltips
- Fixed Building Strings: Medical Center, Recruitment Center & Technology Center
- Added tooltips for the group selection panel
- Fixed Coup Attempt and Fund Political Faction ideology selection buttons being disabled

- Tagged regions with proper rebel ideologies
- Fixed wrong Pre-Reqs for Research Center and Technology Center buildings
- Small Content Changes: Edited some Region Ideology Levels, Change US Religion to Secular
- Modified Food Shortage Penalties
- Government types now have defaulted ideology values

- Added Fog of War option
- Added option to choose unit model set

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said on Apr 17, 2014 at 05:38 PM

4/17/14 Update

Launcher Version: 1.0.51963.21
Game Version: 1.0.51954.47

New Features
- Added France as a playable nation
- Artillery units are now a separate branch from other land units
- Updated engagements to consume arms using units arms cost

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a number of issues around pathing for trade
- Fixed "Unit destroyed by bombing" event to point to correct nation
- Make sure enemies that start a scenario in the same region are fighting

- Government System added to world government panels
- Increased spacing for the War list
- Master nations can no longer change the research project of a subordinate nation
- Updated some Notification content
- Resource predictions no longer only limited to the player's nation
- Removed trade agreement option if the player is at war with a nation
- Trade tab in the government panel now says "Buy" or "Sell" rather than "Trade"
- Added '-' in the last turn spending
- Added Civilization Map
- Added New Financial Aid Results panel
- Research Percentage no longer clips
- Non-functioning diplomatic actions in the government panel now appear disabled
- Added predicted supply/demand to resource predictions
- Added in naval resource usage to resource predictions
- Updated toolbar tooltip to show predicted changes
- Updated resource predictions for building city buildings and region improvements
- Added Military Panel Tool Tips
- Removed numbers with inaccurate information from the Military Panel
- Removed superfluous totals from Top Bar Tool Tips
- Added Default Summary Panel Image
- Updated unit group supply and resource predictions
- Added Group Movement Speed numbers to the Naval and Sub Selection Windows
- Orders are now available for units when rightclicking an engagement
- Added sub movement range stats

- Fixed Dreadnought elevation
- Modified Revolt Chance
- Lowered MPU Growth Rate
- Added some Argentine ship names Historic Unit Names
- Added new ships: Chinese and British merchant raiders and a British large troopship
- Added Large Transport Unit
- Fixed Essen building unit to wrong Region
- Balanced Naval Unit Supply and Movement
- Fix missing swords on Cavalry

- Fixed spacing in scenario options

Producer, Making History
said on Apr 30, 2014 at 04:42 PM

4/30/14 Update

Launcher Version: 1.0.52280.26
Game Version: 1.0.51980.48

- Re-enabled "Pre-Release Updates" option
- Replaced incorrect manual with current version of Quick Guide

Producer, Making History
said on May 02, 2014 at 11:41 AM

5/2/14 Update

Launcher Version: 1.0.52407.29
Game Version: 1.0.52393.51

New Features
- Added Austria-Hungary, Serbia, and Belgium as playable nations
- Added recruitment level and research level to cities
- Added buy diplomatic influence action
- Added Merge All Option on Merge Group
- Now able to revise trade deals
- Improved air unit movement
- Added ability to repair ships using shipyards
- Added Annex Puppet Button and Panel

Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug that was causing rebellions to not end correctly
- Made it so recruitment can't happen in occupied regions
- Fixed error in national ideology calculation
- Fixed errors with canceling build orders not refunding resources
- Colonies and protectorates now always accept trades from master
- Fixed transfer territory action

- Fixed canceling trade not updating resource predictions
- Fixed display of national stability
- Fixed inability to transfer regions to other nations
- Fixed Nationality flags not displaying properly
- Added Change/cancel Military Access to the Diplomatic Actions panel
- Resource Graph's "Maximum" column replaced by "Reserves" column
- Added Region Stability Tool Tips
- Right Clicking the regions for your colonies/protectorates will pull up infrastructure options
- If no trade path exists between two countries, the trade button is disabled
- Diplomatic Influence list now shows full list of nations with non-zero influence
- Diplomatic Influence list defaults to influence sorting
- Minimap no longer ignore clicking directly on an engagement

- Improved trade acceptance behavior

- Rigid Airship revised with floating above ground Idle animation + texture improved
- Fixed texture issues with Aquitania and Olympic
- Added models for british/chinese merchant raider
- Fixed bombardment animation
- Added a base corruption value to nations
- Add Colombian Cavalry
- Fixed infantry facing wrong direction in engagement
- Made Culture penalty scale with nationalism value
- Balanced Food production
- Balanced Starting Readiness for all Nations
- Added British large troopship model
- Added new interdiction model
- Fixed spelling error in Jabal Shamma
- Added new Diplomatic Influence Modifiers
- Added new Government Type "Theocracy"
- Models for Power Stations, Research Buildings, and Recruitment Buildings now appear
- Merged Field Guns and Mortars into the Heavy Artillery groups

Producer, Making History
said on May 15, 2014 at 02:43 PM

5/16/14 Update (currently set as Pre-Release Version)

Launcher Version: 1.0.52833.33
Game Version: 1.0.52825.56

New Features
- Add Russia, Japan, China, Siam, and Mongolia as playable nations
- Added Transit Order for city buildings
- Made it possible to have aid and trade in same direction
- Trade revision proposals now revert back to original deal if rejected
- Updated land combat algorithm to take into account new terrain modifiers
- Added unit based terrain modifiers
- Added Shipping/Rail/Road capacity
- Added trade access agreement
- Added Trenches to Region infrastructure
- Added ability to Idle factories
- Shipping resources now costs Capacity
- Updated bombardment to take into account Planes and Observation Balloons
- Added coal cost to trade agreements

Bug Fixes
- Fixed error in diplomatic influence modifier calculation
- Fixed world forces panel power points
- Fixed regions rebelling and rebels not changing to new nation
- Fixed bug when annexing destroyed nations
- Fixed Subordinates not going to war along with master
- Fixed power point calculation error in colonies and protectorates

- Added attacker and defender casualty percentage to engagement
- Updated Map view to reflect new Diplomatic Influence Panel
- Added Prospecting Tool Tips for the map view
- Updated look of move arrows
- Rebels now use ideology decals under units
- Changed Columns for the Trade Graphs
- Military Access Negotiations combined into one panel
- Art pass on the Government Actions Sub-Panel
- Repairing is now reflected in the UI
- Art Pass on the Establish New Government
- Art Pass on Change Government Properties Panel
- Added factory resource shortage information
- Art Pass on the Transfer Government Panel
- Added Display for Individual Transit Resources
- Changed Top Bar UI for Transit Resources
- Region Infrastructure Dropdown Menu now has Destroy Structure submenu
- Added Scrolling ability for the popup menus
- Nations with no relations with another nation do not appear on the influence chart in the government info panel
- Fixed improper diplomatic influence values being displayed in the influence tool tip
- Added Treaties Display in the Non-Player Government Info Panel
- Added Trade Access Display in the Diplomatic Relations Subpanel in the Government Window
- Added +1000 and -1000 buttons to the make trade panels
- Added Propose Trade Access Treaty Window
- Fixed Tax Meter not reporting the tax amount properly
- Disabled trading with nations with no relations with the player nation

- Updated to take transport capacity into account
- Fixed AI trying to make trade deals with untradable resources and unpathable paths

- Updated World Map
- Added amphibious and river crossing modifiers to unit templates
- Fixed Arctic Militia
- Removed Carriers from Austro-Hungarian fleet
- Rebel Military Groups now display graphics that reflects their faction
- Updated starting Research for nations
- Field Artillery and Trench Mortars now listed in Artillery Charts
- Fixed Rigid Airship
- Fixed Ethnic data error causing African Workers to be used in Russia

- Fixed bug that caused changing Full Screen not to work
- Fixed issue that would sometimes leave display in odd state after exiting full screen
- Added Autosave option
- Turn on support for German language setting

Producer, Making History
said on May 30, 2014 at 04:46 PM

5/30/14 Update

Launcher Version: 1.0.53180.41
Game Version: 1.0.53176.63

New Features

  • Add support for Italy, The Ottoman Empire, Greece, Bulgaria, and Montenegro as playable nations
  • Add support for Fund Political Faction
  • Add support for Coup Attempt
  • Add support for Purge Corruption
  • Instigate coup now allows you to set government type and puppet status
  • Units using road or rail now use transport capacity
  • Enabled funding your own regional ideology
  • Units now use Shipping Capacity to move over water
  • Added Altitude to air units
  • Cavalry Units can now charge
  • Add ability to update and cancel Government Programs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Fund Coup Attempt not giving proper resources to new nation
  • Redirect access and trade agreements to master nation
  • Fixed Prospecting
  • Fixed bug in dismantling that would dismantle two of the same factory
  • Fix newly created units not being added to engagement
  • Fix issue with subordinate nations not going to war when the master does
  • Coaling Station build order now actually builds a Coaling Station rather than a Naval Base


  • Added Trade Access Results Page
  • Fixed empty factory labels repeating the same label
  • Relocate Capital City Selection now a dropdown menu
  • Added Labels to the capacity panels in the Trade Agreements UI
  • Shipment information for trading properly displaying
  • Standardized Tool Tip for the Terrain Display
  • Added Region Infrastructure Upgrade button functionality for region selection panel
  • Show proper military stats for artillery units
  • Drop Down Menus for Projects (City, Regions, and Buildings) now no longer have the current project as an option
  • Players can now see AI Trade Results in the Main Trade Panel
  • Added Turn Count for ships ordered to move to a port
  • Added ability to stop research project
  • Added Production Requirements Tool Tips for Regions, Cities, and Factory Pop-up Menus
  • Added City Production Order to the Map Tool Tip
  • Fixed Research Tree not updating properly
  • Fixed being unable to change Trade Offers from Trade Market Orders
  • Added Transported Groups as selectable options in the Right Click Menus
  • Transported Units with orders now have a yellow coloration to them
  • Added Purge Corruption UI
  • Added Buy Influence List
  • Trade Agreements now show Shipping Needs as well as both buyer and seller
  • Added Trade Orders Panel
  • Fixed Trade Embargoes not disabling trades for the target nation
  • Added Production Cost Tool Tips for Region Infrastructure Upgrade Buttons


  • Improve cancelling trade behavior


  • Additional workers: Near Eastern, Melanesian, Arctic, East African, South American
  • Fixed weighting issues for Chinese infantry
  • Added New Panama Canal Event
  • Edited Research Tree to work with new Defensive Infrastructure Content
  • Added New Nationalities: Prussian, Copts, Occitanian, Yakut & Venetian
  • Adjusted Research Projects cost
  • Gave Italy Northern & Southern Italian Nationality Association
  • Reduced supply carry for naval units
Producer, Making History
said on Jun 13, 2014 at 05:19 PM

Making History TGW 6/13/14 Release Notes

Game: v1.0.53506.67
Launcher: v1.0.53512.44

New Features
- New playable nations include United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Union of South Africa, New Zealand, Dominion of Newfoundland, Portuguese Republic, Netherlands, and the Kingdom of Spain
- Added Trench Raid and Gas Attack
- "Diplomatic Influence" now is relationship with one value for both parties
- Naval Stations and Coaling stations added
- Unrestricted Submarine Warfare now active
- Reimplemented trade interdiction
- Implementation of Social Welfare Programs, Propaganda, Support State Religion
- Shore bombardment added

Bug Fixes
- Region tax data
- Fixed Trade Deal prices not updating
- Fixed multi-select movement
- Fixed cavalry movement time issues
- Fixed crash in Air Groups Panel
- Fixed engagements not reporting casualty percentages correctly
- Gold now deducted for moving capital
- Fixed issue with Finance Category names
- Fixed plane animations when shooting
- Fixed display for Influence map view
- Fixed a number of issues with carriers and carrier planes
- Fixed crash in readiness template not existing
- Gas attack only appears when player has shells
- Streamlined warring nations readiness display to minimize notifications
- Most nations now default to Low readiness at start
- Fixed bug around bombing orders
- Added Arms Usage for Military Groups
- Fixed Financial Aid amount not showing properly for Player’s Puppet States
- Newly created independent and puppet nations start with historic relations
- Fixed empire trade agreement edit not working
- Air Patrol now working
- Fixed Territorial Transfer Response Display
- Fixed New Nations having influence with colonies
- Fixed move by road/rail not filtering options if you don't have capacity
- fixed error in map behaviors. Error was causing all orders after 'Unload from Transport' to not show up
- Fixed possible crash when using rail transport
- Fixed bug that was causing the mystery object in Gulf of Guinea
- Fixed "Black Areas" in the claimed regions map view.
-Fixed Colonies and Protectorates not using the government of their master in determining which icon to display
- Fixed trying to load wrong demonstrator
- Fixed bug in CreateAndSetMoveOrder (wasn't passing along desired transportation level)
- Empire Trade Chart now displays proper data
- Fixed buy influence crash

- Updated some Mapview colors
- Added notifications for Cavalry Charge, Trench Raid, and Gas Attack
- Added New Message Window for War-related Notifications
- Removed Overall Supply Fill Percentage from the Military Command Panel
- End-turn overlay can now accommodate for longer country names
- Updated Military Report Panel
- Updated End Turn transition appearance
- Update art on Land and Sea Engagement Panel
- Added ability for players to remove Trade Embargoes they have placed
- Removed duplicate trade agreement notifications
- Added more ship and sub animations
- Unit art improvements
- Empty transports now automatically removed
- Added Reject/Accept buttons for Treaty Proposals
- Clicking the Nation Icon on the top of Report Panels selects the nation's capital city
- Added Flags in the Military and Trade Access Display
- Added UI support for Editing Trade Orders
- Added rail, road, turns data for movement tooltip
- Added Long Range Siege Gun setup
- Changed how Icons are displayed in the Region Select Panel

- Added triggers for improving and reducing Diplomatic Relations
- Added triggers for making and breaking alliances
- Added triggers for events
- Consolidated decision point logic for various Bombing orders
- Updated nation morale calculation
- Updated loyalty check to prefer adjacent regions
- Updated predicted resource change function to take into account conquest penalty
- Detectors now have a chance to spot and fire on subs before they take a shot
- Splitting an army that is being transported by troopships automatically reassigns the necessary transport ships to make the move legitimate
- Colonies and protectorates don't use world market
- AI sets desired readiness in multiples of 25
- AI sets military readiness to max in wartime

- Wars now track casualties
- Engagements track last turns casualties by unit type and nation
- Gave Transports a small combat ability
- Fixed missing Ottoman military Manpower
- Lowered military readiness cost
- Slightly raised industry value
- Influence Tool Tip now uses Empire name of Mouse Overed Region
- Removed Outside Influence on National Stability
- changed Medical Center to be an upgrade to Hospital
- Set up national unit limits based on readiness
- Modified Hit Points on Defensive Infrastructure
- Revised Diplomatic Influence starting values
- Seaplane fighters and bombers now come with ship
- Updated casualty health reports
- Newly created independent and puppet nations start with historic relations
- Proper range of fire for artillery group and units now displays
- Updated war weariness to take into account casualties sustained
- Added morale to combat
- Updated nation morale calculation
- Separated Grant And Request Military Access into two panels
- Port Access Agreements now appear in the Diplomatic Relations Panel
- Added Wind Display to the Region Select Panel
- Removed Diplomatic Influence Display on the Government Info Panel if there are no Diplomatic Relations
- implementation of "Out of supply" effects on ships
- -- 1/2 combat power
- -- movement reduced to 1 region per turn
- -- no trade interdiction
- Road and rail capacity now cost coal and fuel
- Wind and display added for gas attacks
- Change Hit % Chance to # of Hits for ranged attack bombardment
- Changed production "Turns" to "Production units"
- Added Conquest penalty to regions
- Conquest penalty affects production
- Defensive infrastructure now has hitpoints
- Combat reports now include ships that sunk last turn
- Nation casualties are now tracked by nationTemplate
- Updated Combat report UI to use new data
- Military And Trade Access Proposals now display the nations involved
- Added mining attack as a special attack
- Removed Transport Capacity number on Ship Groups
- Added Dockyard to Romanian Port so they can Trade
- Added Intra-Empire Trade
- Added "End Embargo" option when the player has an embargo on a nation
- Removed some Diplomatic Action Buttons available when the player is at war with a nation
- Puppets now show the military access of their masters if applicable
- Some Rearrangements in the Mapview Key Panel
- Imported new worker and Race models

- New Nations added to lobby

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Release Notes for Making History: The Great War

Game v1.0.53856.6
Launcher: v1.0.53879.7


  • New Nations added. All nations now playable
  • Encyclopedia added with partial content
  • Significant AI improvements and additions in all areas
  • Government and social programs now active


  • Fixed Region Radicalism Tool Tips showing Culture Name rather than Ethnicity Name.
  • World Market offers should no longer allow for Aid Offers
  • Program Sliders can no longer go beyond 100%.
  • fixed bug in Education Funding and Social Welfare Programs research bonus calculation
  • No longer redirecting trade and treaty proposals from puppets to master nation
  • Fixed issue with colony names
  • Fixed Submarine Warfare being available while at Peace
  • Fixed bug in predicted money calculation
  • Fixed revising trade not updating money prediction
  • Fixed errors in nation defense plan
  • fix some menu issues with Long Range Siege Gun.
  • Fixed error with military AI trying to send artillery to places it couldn't get to
  • Fixed Wars getting in weird states when declaring wars on allies you are in a war with
  • fixed crash when region loses a controller
  • Fixed bug in war declared by ally decision point
  • fixed bug with land invasion crashing
  • Fixed bug where nation may not have proper resource object to produce resource
  • Fixed AI building region templates they couldn't build
  • Fixed religious radicalism giving a positive result
  • fixed issue with AI splitting unit groups
  • Fixed Region Ideology and Radicalism Tool Tips.
  • fixed errors in AI setting readiness
  • Fixed mountain infantry not having bonus in mountains
  • Fixed bug in picking proper factory output
  • Fixed supported units not updating
  • Fix crash in Cavalry Charge
  • Fixed naval bases cost not reporting
  • Fixed animation: Mounted Infantry now uses regular infantry animation in combat
  • Fixed error on transportation coor map.
  • Fixed content error where Representative Democracy ideology added up to 105
  • fix bug in Propose Market Order
  • Fixed data issue with Gov't Programs
  • Fixed Alliances Panel displaying Colonies and Protectorates.
  • Upgrade City Building keeps the previous buildings' factory output and completed production units
  • Fixed multiple unit popup menus appearing in the Selected Group Units popup Display.
  • Fixed red text appearing for non-naval units in the Turn Counter
  • Fixed bug that created unnecessary transports
  • Fixed Moroccan Agadir & Marrakech region locations
  • Changed Sudanese Culture to Arabic


  • Added Decision Point defaults
  • AI now doesn't accept trades it can't do because of pathing
  • Military AI now prefers to defend borders
  • AI now will bombard regions
  • AI more aggressive with opportunity attacks
  • AI now builds region improvements
  • AI will be more likely to build shipyards in cities by sea
  • AI will more likely build defensive units during peace time
  • AI more aggressive in raising taxes when low on cash
  • AI now does research
  • AI now uses internal government programs
  • AI Nations now build units based on how they want to divided land/sea units
  • AI now picks units to build based on defensive VS offensive stance with some variation on choice
  • Updated how AI nations determine proper readiness
  • Updated AI choosing when to build military units
  • Set up AI readiness choosing based on the highest rank of wars they are in


  • Modified MPU triggers
  • Added stability triggers
  • Encyclopedia added, Military Units tab content added
  • Radicalism-related Region Tool Tips now use standardized values.
  • Standardized Economy Panel and Gold Tool Tip Values.
  • Added Order UI Objects for Calvary Charge and Trench Raids to appear.
  • Added Berlin-Baghdad Railway Event
  • improved Near Camera clipping to avoid slicing troops
  • Added new Notification Images
  • Change scenario length to 425 turns
  • Added Hit points to Carriers
  • Added Naming routine for Theocracy Governments
  • Widened Tool Top for Diplomatic Influence - some strings were getting cut off
  • Lowered Research Point Requirements
  • InitializeDiplomaticInfluence now propagates initial trade access content throughout the empire.
  • Added New Trigger file for Berlin To Baghdad
  • Modified some Sea Area assignments
  • Added Unit Category Airships
  • Added New Notification Images
  • Added Nations available to the launcher.
  • made it so protectorates can't start projects
  • Updated region stability
  • reduced cost on internal gov programs
  • Added demographic Stability to nations
  • Made have positive finances give bonus
  • Added combat encounter data to engagement data if in same region
  • implement transportation level vs factory slot production penalties
  • Implemented city damage


  • Renamed Peacetime Readiness Medium Readiness
  • Added new Lusitania Event art and content
  • Modified some region Ideology values
  • Modified Air Attack numbers on ships (Lowered)
  • Edited the Research Tree so the Coke Ovens are now required to make Steel
  • Art Pass on Main Military Report Panel.
  • Made a few fixes on the Encyclopedia Panel.
  • Military Stats on the Selected Group and Military Chart Panels use Modified Values.
  • Call to Arms toggle in Declare War Prompt got an art pass.
  • Updated region stability calculation
  • Updated stability tool tip
  • Added Trade Buttons
  • Unit groups now have modified values for power to show in UI
  • Added Sea Regions View to the map.
  • Art Pass on War Panel.
  • Art Pass on the Sliders in the main government panel.
  • more improvements to multi-select movement
  • Added Research Stats for the Government Panel.
  • Added the values for when the values are not attached.
  • Added call allies to war button for declare war UI
  • Tool tips for all Government Relations Flags use empire tool tips when applicable.
  • added notification for EventRegionReligionChanged
  • When a ship can no longer move, the movement counter in the select group panel turns red.
  • Added Group Movement Range to the Unit Selection Panel for Ships and Subs
  • Added Demographics Stability Modifier for All Nations.
  • Groups with orders now colored in right click menus.
  • Right Click Menus now disappear when you end turn.
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7/18/14 Update

Launcher Version: 1.0.54365.12
Game Version: 1.0.54362.11

New Features
- Updated engagement morale and AI retreating
- Added Peace treaty terms "White Peace" "Return Claimed regions"
- Added ability for treaty to represent whole alliance
- Canceling trade access with a nation now removes all trade access treaties with all nations in your empire and within the target nation
- Add ability to capture undefended equipment (artillery and air units)

Bug Fixes
- Fixed subordinates not leaving alliance with master
- Fix crash when a nation had no research options
- Reduce memory footprint
- Peace deals now will correctly Surrender Occupied Regions
- Fixed issue with newly formed colonies/puppets/protectorates not having trade access throughout the empire
- Improved accuracy of supply and demand predictions
- Fixed declaring war on a colony not properly setting up war

- Sorted transit order regions
- Dismantle projects for cities and regions now use skull and crossbones icon
- Added Airship Counters to military panels
- Default Menu Item fixed for Calvary Charges and Trench Raids on Cities
- Lowering a trade agreement now shows trade status
- Rail and Road Movement for ALL rightclick menus are disabled and have tool tips when appropriate
- Rigid Airships now use the Blimp Icon
- Artillery Effectiveness now displays in all Artillery Group panels
- Target region for Artillery Units now in the Artillery Chart Group
- Fixed when buttons appear in the Wars chart
- Fixed dependencies appearing in alliance detail lists
- Allies Displays in the Government Panel now differentiates the nation leader from the rest of the members
- Completed Projects now use the green background
- Meter no longer visible when the project is completed
- Art Pass on Declare War Panel
- End Turn Methods disabled when the start screen is active or there are decision points to be made
- Clicking the crest flag in the government panel now selects the selected nation's capital
- Functionality Pass on the Domestic Programs UI
- Swapped Propaganda and Support State Religion Sliders
- Trade Order now defaults to the GovNation sending a resource to the player
- Added National Demographics Stability Tool Tip
- Encounters now have special Tool Tips that displays casualties
- Altered how War Weariness is displayed
- Added More Details to the Combat Encounter Tool Tips
- If you are trying to use your own shipping capacity for trade, you can no longer make a trade if you lack the shipping resources
- Fixed sorting issues in Demographics Panels
- Fixed Select All Regions in the Demographics panel being missing
- Added Nation Stats to the Transfer Governance panel
- Players now get option to call allies when being attacked
- Added Encyclopedia Layouts for City Buildings and Factories
- Building Encyclopedia buttons now work properly from City Selection Menu
- Added region-based Trade Tool Tips and info
- Added One-touch buttons to upgrade or dismantle specific city buildings
- Added Tool Tips to the Casualty Report
- Joining a war via a Call to Ally DP will now send a global War Declared notification for the master nation and any puppet states
- Added Gas Shells Tool Tip to Info Bar
- Added Fuel and Coal Usage to the Group Selection Panel
- Added Mountain Modifier value to the Unit Encyclopedia entries
- Move Order Tool Tips now display predicted Coal and Fuel Usage

- Updated AI defend nation plan
- Made sure AI looked at their available trade capacity before accepting a trade deal
- AI now sends troops to defend lands across the seas
- Updated revolt risk and militia spawning on revolt
- AI now handles access and peace treaties
- AI colonies and protectorates don't raise their own taxes
- AI colonies and protectorates taxes now lowered if they are not profitable
- AI now asks for peace if it has achieved it’s goals
- AI will prioritize reclaiming claimed regions
- AI now will invade through sea zones
- AI now uses fleets to escort transports

- Added New Notification Images
- Adjust build time of units
- Added new events
- Updated airbase/resources positions
- Fixed Colonial Ideology level error
- Added new Diplomatic Influence Modifiers
- Changed Atlantic Islander Nationality from Catholic to Protestant
- Fixed Anti-Air Unit Sub Branch association
- Renamed Salonika to Thessalonica
- Fixed missing projects in starting research projects
- Some Region ideology balancing
- Updated unit Encyclopedia descriptions
- Added historic unit names
- Added Danish West Indies
- Added Ukrainian and Belarusian to Russian Nationality
- Changed Confederate Culture to Southern
- Removed ElectricalTelegraph Research Project
- Edited Revolt Risk Templates
- New colonies/protectorates now use the master nation's color

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8/1/14 Update
Launcher Version: 1.0.54700.21
Game Version: 1.0.54699.21

New Features
- Added support for Linux (Steam only)

Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug that didn’t allow recruitment orders if you only have exactly enough MPUs
- Puppets can no longer be heads of alliances
- Fixed leaving alliance causing peace bug
- Fixed calling allies infinitely bug
- Fixed some issues with merging Alliances and Wars
- Fixed Transports unloading during sea combat
- Fixed bug where transports were being marked to escort other transports
- Fixed bug with predicted money not taking into account region projects
- Fixed not being able to trade from port city

- Propose Alliance tab now displays only independent/puppet nations
- Fixed Transportation Icons not appearing in the Selected Region Panel
- Added the revenue from Power Stations to the economic income panel
- Added Tool Tips to the Government Info panel regarding Our Diplomacy with another nation
- Unrest Models now have tool tips specifying the unrest faction
- Text color on the production requirements tool tips now turn red if you are short
- Production Requirement Tool tips now display the expected spending through the production order
- Nations without any subordinates that are taken over have their button labeled as "Annex Territories"
- Sound and Music Sliders in the Main Menu now change the sound and music as the player is sliding
- Added Strings for coal-using ships in the encyclopedia
- Treaty proposals from other nations have more detailed information
- All treaties now appear in the summary panel
- Offer Peace Treaty now remembers if the player is making a demand or not
- Offer Peace doesn't show alliance options with player puppets
- Financial Aid Request now appear in the Requests Summary Panel

- AI now looks to defend coastal sea regions with fleets
- AI now chooses sides on wars
- AI now calls allies if they are facing a strong enemy
- AI now sends aid to poorer nations that it supports in war
- AI now has sphere of influence
- AI now sends and cancels recurring financial aid to countries they support
- AI will now send Arms Aid
- AI will now prioritize attacking land regions over sea
- AI will no longer send aid to nations they are at war with
- AI will reevaluate the side of the war they are on if they go to war with a nation they were supporting
- AI will now declare war on nations attacking nations in their sphere
- AI will now favor peace that will return claims to them
- AI will now send warning message when invading nations in their sphere
- AI will no longer send aid to more powerful nations
- Smaller nations will ask to trade arms to more powerful nations
- Added Global threat rating to nations for AI to evaluate
- AI now adjusts diplomatic influence for attacking sphere nations
- AI will now move regions into already created subordinates if they can

- Rigid Airships now use Nation's Decal
- Trucks for artillery units now use the nation's icon
- Modified Region Claims
- Updated Armies
- Added New Research Center and Technology Center Models
- Fixed the German Merchant Raider not appearing in the game
- Fixed some demonstrator models not moving
- Fixed Hospital/Medical Center build path bug

Producer, Making History
said on Aug 04, 2014 at 05:54 PM

8/4/14 Update
Launcher Version: 1.0.54778.22
Game Version: 1.0.54770.6

Bug Fixes
- Fix for bug that could stall turn processing if a nation rebels against a master nation that was in the process of going away
- Fix for crash that could occur when loading a save from a previous version
- Fix error generating unit names when loading a save from a previous version

Producer, Making History
said on Aug 29, 2014 at 02:43 PM

8/28/14 Update
Launcher Version: 1.0.55351.30
Game Version: 1.0.55350.7

New Features
- Turned on multiplayer support
- Region stability ideology now has radicalism values
- High taxes now increase corruption
- No longer require diplomatic ties to fund political factions or military coups
- Added region radicalism penalty for not having the right religion, ethnicity, and culture
- Research is now inherited when a new nation is formed

Bug Fixes
- Fixed region where ships would not show up
- Handled alliance naming conflict
- When nations are destroyed and removed from their alliance (if they have one), new leading nations are now set
- Fixed region power points calculations
- Game startup now adds colonies and puppets to all wars involving their master nation
- Fixed the Hospital -> Medical Center -> Hospital bug
- Fixed bug when you right click on a fleet and issue the Load on Transports order
- Improved the accuracy of predicted money/stockpile changes
- Fixed issue that caused animations to sometimes fail on Mac and Linux
- Fix an issue where a master nation's troops would not re-assert control of a region after it had rebelled
- Fixed inability to bomb rebel unit groups
- Fixed a number of issues around financial aid
- Nations that cut diplomatic ties with another nation now leave their alliance if allied with that nation

- Fixed title issue with riot notifications
- Rebellion summary icon now flashes green when it has notifications
- Region construction project completed now shows up in production summary notification panel
- Fixed duplicate war state notifications
- Lost region control notification now shows up again
- Fixed an issue where the national program sliders were miscalculating the values when they were initialized
- Tool Tips added to Nation Info Sliders
- Added Program Sliders to the Protectorates and Colonies
- Main Government panel now displays the Radicalism levels
- Fixed tool tips displaying Resource Aid as Resource Trade
- Resource Aid Proposals now appear in Trade Summary Panel
- Fixed blank Trade Detail panels appearing
- Added column in World Market panel displaying if the player's nation is already trading that resource with another nation
- Declare War notifications are now displayed for independent ally nations joining a war via a call to allies request
- Updated Government Program Tool Tips with values
- Added MPU Requirement to Factory Encyclopedia Entries
- Updated Start Background
- Added Empires Panel to the Diplomacy Report Panel
- Added more religious information on the Establish New Government Panel
- Added Capital City Selection Shortcut to the Government Display Panel
- Added Radicalism Data to the Government Info Panel
- Enabled pop-up message for a nation who becomes independent when their master is annexed

- AI Nations won't create a subordinate nation if it will leave them city-less
- Improved AI use of Government Programs
- Fixed AI creating puppets out of claimed regions
- Improved how the AI decides which regions to attack
- Improved AI military unit build behavior
- Improved how the AI determines what to do with a nation they defeated
- Improved trading behavior

- Updated government programs to mitigate radicalism
- Black Sea is now a Trade Route, Fixes Romanian Trading Bug
- Modified Fogging Opacity and Color
- Modified Research Points generated by Universities, etc.
- Increased Artillery Arms requirement and reduced some of their effectiveness
- Added more Units for Balkan Nations
- Increased Prospecting % on New Jersey
- Dutch East Indies is now a Colony
- Fixed Socialist and Nationalist Decals for the Atlantic Islanders
- Lowered bonus for Health Buildings
- Added Coal Mines to Kentucky
- Rebalanced combat damage
- Updated Engagement Icon
- Update Battle Icon

- Complete overhaul of lobby

Producer, Making History
said on Oct 01, 2014 at 02:35 PM

9/29/14 Update
Launcher: 1.0.56066.40
Game: 1.0.56064.46

New Features
- Market orders now have a duration
- Added method to determine best religion for a new nation
- Added production bonus to turn based outputs from factories based on factory level
- Added ship repair boost to shipyards based on shipyard factory level
- Nations now cut diplomatic relations with new nations formed from that nation's rebelling regions
- Improved Diplomatic Influence behavior

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where conquering a nation would orphan some regions
- Fixed issue in which nations were receiving multiple copies of the region changed control notification
- Fixed the trade path calculation to correctly handle port cities
- Fixed a number of region control issues
- Fixed some issues with MPU usage

- Updated national artillery tab to display artillery power and score
- Enabled map icons for trade interdiction
- Added Financial Aid Agreement list in the Diplomatic Relations panel
- Added aid revenue to income last turn on government economic panel
- The size of the summary panel is now dependent on the height of the screen
- Updated Trade Through Regions Tool Tips
- Added Economy Tab to the Other Nations Panel
- Fixed displayed resource amount on trade interdiction notifications and tooltips
- Added New Interdiction Column the trade chart in the Government Info Panel
- Groups that can potentially fight in a region all appear in the combat list
- Added Gas Shells Row to the Economy Stockpile panel
- Added Pie Chart to the Economy Panel
- Updated City Project Tool Tips to display Required Gold and Manpower for the projects
- Added Needed Gold and Manpower in building's encyclopedia page
- Added New Row for Food Production Cost in the spending panel
- Added the Shortage, Interdiction, Industrial and Military Demands to the Stockpile Spreadsheet
- Added idle factory costs to the City Maintenance column in the production panel

- Improved behavior when interacting with the market
- Improved behavior around region claims
- Improved decision making on city and region improvements
- Improved decision making on government spending
- Improved decision making on financial aid

- Fixed issues with Mexican Infantry models
- Reduced Range of Airship
- Removed Crete claim on Cyprus
- Made Alaska a US Territory
- Added diplomatic penalty for trading with or establishing relations with a nation's enemy
- Modified Research Categories
- Lots of economic balancing

- Added nation descriptions
- Added Worker and Construction Animation toggles in the Main Options panel

Product Manager
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said on Oct 11, 2014 at 12:58 PM

10/10/14 Update
Launcher: 1.0.56406.43
Game: 1.0.56398.54

New Features
- Improved End of Turn performance
- Improved population growth algorithm
- Added Inra-Empire trade behaviors

Bug Fixes
- Fixed MPU distribution error when dismantling city buildings
- Fixed issue where MPU factory output templates weren't utilizing their production factor property
- Fixed an issue that could leave a region in the wrong control state
- Fixed bug that caused all artillery units to disappear when in combat

- Added the Resource and Region Infrastructure entries to the Encyclopedia Panel
- Multi-Select right click menus less wordy
- End of turn Flags for AI now shows the flag of a dependency's master
- Improve predicted income amounts
- Aid expense is now included with previous turn costs in the government economy tab
- If a port has ships, the icon on the City Chart changes and clicking the box will show that city's port contents
- Added MPU Growth Modifier Display
- Added Population Display of the Nation (in the main nation information panel) and Region (in the Region Status Popup)
- Displaying Factory Penalty if the region is lacking the MPUs for people to work in the factory
- Fixed tool tip not showing all the Region Population Stats properly
- Added Research Descriptions and Short City Building Descriptions to the Encyclopedia
- Added Global Resource Totals Chart to the Trade Panel
- Art Pass on the selected Region Panel and Nationality Charts
- When a region is unstable, the nationality panels shows the rebellion icon and colors

- Improved trade behavior
- Improved economic behavior
- Improved production decisions

- Removed research bonus from funding social welfare
- Added population growth bonus to funding social welfare
- Improved German and French translations
- Improved some unit models
- Improved economic balance

- Fixed Tool Tips for the country selection menu buttons
- Country selection "Next" button relabeled as "Play"
- LAN multiplayer server now sends extra nation attributes to LAN client

Producer, Making History
said on Oct 30, 2014 at 05:45 PM

10/30/14 Update
Launcher: 1.0.57003..48
Game: 1.0.56999.56

New Features
- Add support for per turn Research cost

Bug Fixes
- Fixed issue causing crash during end of turn processing on Mac OSX
- Stop nations from recruiting from uncontrolled regions
- Stall all projects in uncontrolled regions
- Fixed loading on transports when ships are in port
- Players can no longer declare war on their own puppets

- Added Tooltip to Research Facilities
- Added Cost Per Turn to Research Project Tool Tips
- Added City Food Production Tool Tip
- Added casualty percentage to the Military Morale Tool Tip
- Added Tool Tips that display the hit points of defensive region infrastructure
- Added Tool Tips that display the nations supporting a faction in the war
- Added Interdiction Amounts to Interdiction Tool Tips
- Added Ability to rename a subordinate nation in the Change Government Properties Panel
- Added Tool Tips for War Weariness
- Added Food Production amount in the Cities Chart
- Added the amount of food produced by a building in the Cities Chart
- Added region power point tool tips

- Improve decisions on when to change production
- Improve budgeting
- Improve trade behavior
- Improve choosing sides in wars
- Improved asking for and sending aid
- Improved research behavior

- Adjust city infrastructure build times and costs
- Increased time required for resource expansion
- Worked on food balance
- Adjust region project build times and costs
- Added Livonian Nationality
- Added new events
- Added Soviet Nationality

- Add “Delete” button to saved games screen
- Fix error launching LAN multiplayer
- Prevent LAN multiplayer from starting until owner has chosen a nation

Producer, Making History
said on Nov 07, 2014 at 12:52 PM

11/7/2014 Update
Launcher: v1.0.57241.57
Game: v.1.0.57240.61

New Features

  • New scenario added: "The July Crisis"
  • New game demo added

Bug Fixes

  • Various code fixes
  • Link to Empire Leader in Empires Chart in the Diplomacy Panel now functioning
  • Fixed inefficient code when choosing map models
  • Artillery no longer use the infantry move models for roads
  • Fixed sign error in handling trade agreement proposals
  • Fixed idle animation settings
  • Fixed indentation error in Infantry models
  • Removed some unneeded error mmessages from Debugview (useful for modders)
  • Regions now won't ask to secede and join a disabled nation
  • Exposed war weariness modifiers
  • Cancel trade access when nations break diplomatic relations
  • Disabled sphere check when evaluating whether or not nations should establish relations
  • Set former controller of a region in when changing region owner/controller through revolt -- Potential fix to avoid a possible turn stall
  • Re-enabled and revised ability to avoid issues with dealing with a disabled nation
  • Fixed bouncy train animations
  • If a player is tries to advance a turn while a Decision Point is still open, it closes all open notifications.
  • Fixed walk animations for Zulu, Zanj, Yemeni, West Indian, Vietnamese, Turkmen, Turkish, Tibetan, Thai, Syrian, Swedish, and Swiss Infantry
  • Moved shortcut to ensure the UI gets the uninhibited MPU growth rate updated correctly
  • Ensured a nation's population and core population have a minimum value of 1 to avoid divide by zero errors


  • improved rail move animations
  • When the player quits the game, the game redirects to the appropriate game over screen first.
  • Added Timer Display when the game mode enables the gameplay timer.
  • Added a new panel that displays whether or not a nation has accepted or rejected Diplomatic Relations
  • When a region is expanding or reducing resource capacity, a progress bar is shown until the expansion applies.


  • Added more details for the Resource Production Statuses for the current AI.
  • Nations now break relations with enemies when declaring or entering a war
  • Nations ignore trade gold cost evaluation for direct trades to be consistent with the current budgeting scheme and world market
  • Added property nPredictedTradeProduce to NationResource to track predicted resource amounts gained from trade deals
  • Added check to make sure nations don't try to offer up resource amounts gained from trade for another trade
  • Nations won't offer intra-empire trade for a resource if they are receiving trade from that resource
  • Changed check amounts to handle precision errors
  • Altered resource shortage calculation
  • Implemented basic AI for accepting/rejecting seceding regions looking for a new nation.
  • Added code to help catch un-implemented AI decision points
  • Changed answer for proposing diplomatic relations (avoids players establishing relations with nations incidentally when avoiding the decision point)
  • Ensured rebel armies switch controller to new master before trying to set region state to controlled
  • Nations established by another nation now automatically gain relations with their creator -- This is true when nations create subordinates to maintain stability and after conquest
  • Added error checking when forming new nation
  • Added Soviet Region Claims and New Bulgarian Triggers
  • Updated Triggers for July Crisis scenario
  • Modified Infantry Model Idle animation assignments
  • Added logic to handle "failed nations"
    -- A nation who has all owned (and controlled) regions occupied by rebels and has no land units is a failed state -- If the nation had a city, the regions are used to build a new rebel nation -- If the nation did not have a city, the regions attempt to join another nation
  • Added property to track status of offers to propose relations
  • Added properties to Diplomatic Influence object to keep track of proposals status
  • Implemented recognize nation AI (both asking and accepting)
  • When AI nations choose a side in war they also evaluate whether or not to propose relations with nations they support
  • Added Territorial Claim Dispute diplomatic influence modifier


  • Added military forces and completed research programs for TJC scenario and demo.
  • Updated unit models to include observation balloon texture
  • Artillery units requiring breakdowns now take a full turn to go through the break down process instead of transitioning to movement immediately
  • Empire Chart entries in the Diplomacy Panel no longer adds in points from subordinates
  • Added Decals on observation balloon trucks
  • Added Canal Icon asset to the skin folder
  • Updated Trade Deals and edited nation starting Stockpiles for DOD & TJC scenarios
  • Relocated some Airbase positions
  • Removed duplicate data entry in Nepalese Nationality Template
  • Reduced Rail Capacity requirements for building Railroads
  • Reduced Steel Requirements for Mechanized & Factory Farms
  • Updated some Nation Flag/Decals
  • Added more German, French, and Spanish Language support
  • Improved art on Research panel
  • Added armies to Germany and Japan
  • Diplomatic relations points between puppets and masters no longer count towards a nation's influence score
  • improved Economic Stockpile chart
  • Changed the text alignment of the pie chart legend
  • Set limited turn time for demo
  • Changed demographics stability value to span the range (-40, 20)
  • Added Demo Screen
  • More Work on the Editor
  • Revision to Economic Chart
  • Merge/split popups for unit groups no longer automatically turn off when the player confirms the action.
  • Added "Demo Mode" display when the player is playing the demo mode.
  • Added combatant flags to the War Declared Notification.
  • Modified and re-exported the farmers animation
  • Increased Food Output Rates and Tax Income
  • Lowered Revolt Risk for Elevated conditions
  • Removed Extra Coal and Fuel requirements for Artillery Units
  • Increased % Chance to secede
  • Apply penalty when nations share region claims and remove penalty when they don't


  • Added TJC scenario to Lobby
  • Added demo scenario when demo is downloaded
Product Manager
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said on Nov 21, 2014 at 06:15 PM

11/25/14 Update
Launcher Version: 1.0.57471.60
Game Version: 1.0.57470.68

New Features
- If units are unable to pay the required costs for an order, clear the order
- Added new decision point for when an alliance leader enters a peace treaty with an enemy nation
- Naval units don't consume fuel or coal when in combat
- Add new "Observation Plane" unit, spotter for artillery
- Added support for Sea Patrol unit order

Bug Fixes
- Uncontrolled regions don't contribute to predicted resource changes
- Update predicted resource changes when canceling trade agreements
- Can now use artillery to bombard a region you control if there are enemy troops present
- Fixed turn stall issue if a player were to make a trade deal they couldn't supply and neglected to cancel
- Fix an issue that caused unit buils to fail if they had a transit order across the water

- Fixed empty source and destination icons appearing in some trade tool tips
- All interdictions now appear for all players
- Modified claims map overlay to shade subordinates as claimed regions
- Modified claims map overlay region tooltip to properly show claiming nations for colonies
- Improved handling of territorial transfer requests
- Improved Alliance behaviour
- Added Stockpile tab in the government panel for puppets
- Added Bombardment Effectiveness Tool Tip

- Improve behaviour when defeating nations
- Excluded protectorates and colonies from claiming regions
- Improved war evaluations
- Improved military readiness evaluations

- New Occitan & Celtica Triggers
- DAD: Added colonial UK forces
- TJC: Added colonial and native troops to Africa and S. America
- TJC: Added and moved Chinese armies
- Revised Manchurian Authoritarian Flag Set
- Revised Catalonian Authoritarian Flag Set
- Added new Government System "Nationalist State"
- New Chinese Triggers
- New Catalan Triggers
- Fixed Spanish Sphere of Influence content error
- Added new Theme Music
- Updated Nation Start images
- Uzbek Flag Fix

- Updated game manual to current version

Producer, Making History
said on Dec 08, 2014 at 11:17 PM

12/8/14 Update

Launcher Version: 1.0.57589.62
Game Version: 1.0.57587.71

New Features
- Added decision point for players when they complete a research project to choose a new project
- Allies of nations who go to war no longer gain 'WarDeclaredOnEnemy' Influence bonuses
- Tax income from factories are now tied to production rate
- Add support for units that require Road Capacity to move
- Added new treaty term type to handle status quo borders

- Added Region Air Defense Icon and Tool Tip to the Select Region Panel
- Added Click Shortcuts to the Selected Engagement Panel
- Fixed Unit Supply display error for Artillery
- Added tool tips for region bombardment
- -Last Turn Supply Change and Interdiction values in the Nation Economy Stockpile Chart now changes color when their values are not 0
- Call allies button no longer appears if all the allies are already in the war
- Added Ability to scroll through empires in the Government Panel
- Added Ship's Bombardment Strength to their Encyclopedia entry
- Added Nation's Total Casualties in the End Game Panel

- Nations now place embargos and break relations with nations who establish relations and trade with an enemy
- Nations now consider military balance when considering whether or not to accept a seceding region
- Added new war justification for defending territory
- Added method to handle region secessions to another nation
- AI nations will now choose to leave their alliance if their relations with the alliance leader are too poor
- Ensure that subordinate nations follow their master in a peace deal
- Improved AI evaluations of proposed peace treaties
- Improved proposing peace

- Added new trade agreement cancellation reason to handle when nations cancel due to no longer desiring the resource

Producer, Making History
said on Dec 23, 2014 at 01:48 PM

12/29/14 Update

Launcher Version: 1.0.57707.64
Game Version: 1.0.57705.79

New Features
- Add support for multiple levels of stealth and detection to submarine combat

Bug Fixes
- Cleaned up behaviors around capturing undefended equipment
- Fixed potential game crash

- Fix some Notification images
- Ship Mission Range now calculated and displayed in the UI
- Art pass on the War Panel
- Added Sub Detection values to the encyclopedia
- Territorial Waters are now highlighted in the empire view panel
- Art pass on the World Forces Display Charts
- Peace treaty notifications now have a unique appearance compared to other notification popups

- Add more Peace behaviors
- Improve Claims behaviors
- Improved war and rebellion behavior
- Improved relations behavior
- Made nations better at handling revolts
- Improved opportunistic attack behavior
- Improved bombing behavior

- Added new events

Producer, Making History